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Vous trouverez les fichiers officiels sur les serveurs du CTAN.

All my packages are on the CTAN servers in the folder tkz

Euclide beta version 2.46b

I updated tkz-base and tkz-euclide actually the version number is 2.46b. If you want to try these files you need to install them manually in a texmf folder. The beta files are only in this site.

Version 2.46b
Date 2019-12-13

archive euclide with tkz-base and tkz-euclide v 2.46b (b for beta)

The Sangakus

Version 2.00b
Date 2019-12-13

Document sur les Sangakus créés avec tkz-euclide 2.46b

The Pythagorean theorem

Version 1.20
Date 2019-12-13

This document shows some proofs of the Pythagorean theorem. All the figures are made with tkz-euclide 2.46b.